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2 Ways to Try Havarti Cheese for the First Time

1 Jan

havarti sandwichHavarti is a semi-soft table cheese with Danish origins. Made from cow’s milk, it’s incredibly versatile because it can be sliced for sandwiches, cooked on the grill, or melted in a sauce.

Havarti, like most varieties of cheeses, is made through a curdling process. These curds are first forced into the molds, then drained. Next, the cheese is properly aged and then washed, helping give it the refined flavor popular with so many.

Havarti is ripened on the interior and has no rinds. The cheese can be yellow or a creamy color and it has small uneven holes in it, known sometimes as “eyes.”

This particular cheese has a sharp taste to it in some varieties and has a buttery smell to it, similar to Swiss. The taste is very delicate and buttery, too, and also somewhat acidic and can be sweet. To get a slight hazelnut flavor, the cheese is aged for about 3 months. Havarti goes well with so many recipes like paninis, sandwiches and cheese platters as it becomes very soft when left out at room temperature.

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