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2 Ways to Try Havarti Cheese for the First Time

1 Jan

havarti sandwichHavarti is a semi-soft table cheese with Danish origins. Made from cow’s milk, it’s incredibly versatile because it can be sliced for sandwiches, cooked on the grill, or melted in a sauce.

Havarti, like most varieties of cheeses, is made through a curdling process. These curds are first forced into the molds, then drained. Next, the cheese is properly aged and then washed, helping give it the refined flavor popular with so many.

Havarti is ripened on the interior and has no rinds. The cheese can be yellow or a creamy color and it has small uneven holes in it, known sometimes as “eyes.”

This particular cheese has a sharp taste to it in some varieties and has a buttery smell to it, similar to Swiss. The taste is very delicate and buttery, too, and also somewhat acidic and can be sweet. To get a slight hazelnut flavor, the cheese is aged for about 3 months. Havarti goes well with so many recipes like paninis, sandwiches and cheese platters as it becomes very soft when left out at room temperature.

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The Many Ways to Use Havarti Cheese

1 Sep

Havarti CheeseHavarti cheese was mainly used for dessert by the Danish people. The cheese is named after a farm from where it was first made in the 19th Century. It is mild, partly firm and partly soft in nature with holes on it that is not regular. Just like any other type of cheese, they are made from milk which is caused to curdle by adding rennet to it. Molds of cheese are then combined with the produced curds after which they are pressed and then drained before they are finally aged. It is available in a variety of flavors that range from a distinct strong aromatic taste to one that is sharp and mild on the tongue.

Normally, the duration for aging this creamy cheese is approximately 3 months after which it is fully flavored. A taste that is more distinct is achieved by aging the curdled milk for longer periods of time. It can be given various additives in order to achieve different end products of the same cheese. Spices, seasonings, seeds of caraway, dill, extra cream, cumin, peppers or even any other desired herbs can be added to the Havarti cheese to produce a yummy end product. Its versatility enables it to be used for various purposes and as a table cheese it can be grilled and even sliced. You can also melt it and use it as a snack or even apply in your sandwiches if you so wish.

Sandwich with Havarti CheeseThe creamy cheese is normally sold in blocks that are plain and its flavor is mainly contributed to the fact that it is a cheese cleaned with rind. Apart from being creamy, the Havarti cheese can also be pale yellow in color with a fine texture and flavor that is almost like that of butter. This fine cheese can be served with wine or crackers or even fresh fruits as preferred. If you are looking for cheese with less flavor unlike the Emmentaler and Gouda cheeses, then this is just what you need.

You can select from the product type with low level of fat or the one that is fully enriched with cream. Whatever the cheese recipe to be used, it should be one that can accommodate the various degree of flavor in the chosen cheese. The herbed, enriched and low fat Havarti have become very popular in various parts of the globe due to their advantages and prominence over the other kinds of cheese available in the market.